Intake is full until June 2024. Sellers with 50 or more lots, please email maplehurstauctions@gmail.com
for a drop off appointment.


We’re committed to providing a hassle free online auction experience. Turn your gently used items into cash and browse upcoming auctions to find the next perfect addition to your home.

5910 Waxhaw Hwy Suite B Mineral Springs, NC 28108


Professional and Reliable Auction Services Tailored to your Needs

We Look At Auctions Differently

Simple Seller Agreements

Easy to understand, fair terms for sellers including commission structure and payouts.

No stranger meet ups

The pickup and drop off process is a breeze for Marketplace Sales. You'll never arrange another parking lot meeting just to sell your things again.

quick payments

There's no need to keep a seller waiting on money. We aim to disperse money collected as fast as possible.

100 % Online Auctions

Buyers can access our auctions anywhere, anytime, drawing bids locally and nationally.

shipping services

Long distances buyers may opt for a variety of professional packing and shipping services.

secure payment processing

All payments are processed through our online bidding portal with HiBid, one of the internet's most trusted bidding platforms.

Types of Auctions

Personal property

Monthly auctions are open to small-medium sized items, a perfect opportunity to make some space and money by getting rid of what you don't need.

Business & estate sales

We handle on-location business liquidations, relocations, living estates, and deceased estate sales.


Quit asking donors for cash. We'll help collect unwanted items and turn them into cash for your group.

Vehicle & Equipment sales

We facilitate heavy equipment and auto auctions, too. Just give us a call.

 I started Maplehurst Auctions to provide a secure way for folks near my hometown in Union County to sell their second hand treasures. I’ve bought and sold items through local online ads for years. You can make cash off your old items or find a good deal occasionally, but the process can be frustrating. I’ve dealt with buyers who never arrived at an agreed meet up, sellers who tried raising the price after posting, people asking me to haul an item across town….I’ve even been handed counterfeit money! I quit selling my used items for a while because of all these headaches. I decided to just donate or toss what I didn’t need. I lost the motivation to post and sell it online. Not wanting to deal with any nonsense, I thought there’s got to be a better way. So, I present to you- the better way!

-Kelsey S, Owner